Wanda Turner - The Finisher and Office Manager

Last but certainly not least, without this  energetic and hard-working woman, also known as the 'finisher,' our success would not be possible! Meet Wanda. We mentioned that Wanda helped found the successful business we know today, Purcell Custom Wood Products. Wanda was born in the charming community of Cooper Creek, British Columbia and then moved to Kaslo, BC. Wanda is a mother of two children and three stepchildren. Wanda is responsible for all the finishing touches, from sanding, staining, painting, and perfecting! And is known for saying ‘we can do anything with wood’.  When she is the office she greets everyone with a smile

​​Our History and Our Team!

Calvin Walker - Custom Cabinet Designer and Builder.

Calvin, also known as Cal, was born and raised in Kaslo! You may know Calvin from his days playing minor hockey or playing golf at the local course. Although Calvin was born and raised in Kaslo, he is undoubtedly familiar with living and travelling elsewhere, from Calgary to Australia; ultimately, his love for the community, scenery and people drew him back to Kaslo. Using computer software, Calvin designs clients' projects, so they get a 3D sneak peek before saying 'yes'. Aside from being a busy and talented business partner, Calvin is a loving father of two children and husband to his wife, Jessica Walker. 

Rob Zilkie - Custom Cabinet Designer and Builder.

Rob's passion and natural talent for carpentry started in high school when he lived in Prince George, British Columbia. Shortly after high school, Rob relocated to the picturesque community of Kaslo, British Columbia, where he raised his three children and two bonus step kids alongside Wanda. Although Rob's career initially took him on a slightly different path, the magnetic pull to carpentry ultimately drew him back. At that time, Rob was managing a team of employees at a local sawmill when he and Wanda (you will meet her soon) decided to take a leap and do something they love. And that is how it all started; Purcell Custom Wood Products in 1999.  . Rob's talent for creating exceptional, timeless, and reputable custom work products speaks for itself.
When Wanda and Rob expanded Purcell in 2014, they knew they needed to add an eager and talented addition to their team, so they brought in a new business partner. Calvin Walker.

​About Us

We are a family owned and operated custom cabinetry shop, established in 1999 in Kaslo, British Columbia, that competes with big box store pricing!  

Our passion is our high-end, quality craftsmanship and our desire to make our client's dreams a reality! 

Purcell Custom Wood Products
Kaslo, BC